Supporting award winning MarTech company during their high growth phase

I enjoy assisting ambitious businesses with their recruitment requirements. One notable example is my collaboration with the award-winning MarTech brand.

Below, I outline how I aided their dynamic team in securing three pivotal hires, ranging from Manager to VP, within an 8-week timeframe.

The Problem

A global award-winning MarTech company recently secured major investment.

Presently boasting a run rate of $4 million in ARR, they aim to elevate to $10 million ARR by year-end and $30 million ARR by the subsequent year, striving to reach the coveted $1 billion milestone within a decade.

With such ambitious expansion goals, strategic hiring decisions are paramount.

Our Approach 

A thorough brief – Their enthusiasm shone through, enabling us to convey their remarkable journey and expansion to potential candidates. In a fiercely competitive market, briefings like these are invaluable, articulating precisely why joining such ventures is exhilarating and the benefits awaiting prospective talents.

Collaboration & Partnership– Each line manager was engaged & turnaround SLA’s of less than 24 hours on CVs (submitted with names, education & interests removed). With an agreed 3-stage process in place that took place remotely in the main, we were able to quickly gain traction with a niche candidate market that was engaged by our client’s pace, point of difference and flexibility.

Sourcing candidates – I specialise in placing sales, insights and analytics candidates across brand, platforms & agencies, meaning I have a strong network and knowledge of the market. Alongside our multiple routes to top-tier talent and a database of over 70,000 candidates, this enables me to leave no stone unturned in my searches.

End-to-end support – My understanding of the market enabled me to help shape the briefs with hiring managers, engage exceptional talent for different talent pools that were a great fit for the brand & ultimately work to very tight ratios from CVs sent through the interview process to hiring the roles. Candidates’ expectations were managed throughout the process, which resulted in a 100% acceptance rate.

Key Stats:

Insight Manager

100% 1st Interview to offer

Briefed, sourced and placed a candidate in 4 weeks

Strategic Insight Director

100% 2nd Stage to final

Briefed, sourced and placed candidate in 4 weeks

‘’All 3 candidates are amazing! I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them and would happily take any of them.’’  VP of Client Services

VP of Sales 

4X 1st Stage

2x Panel stage

1x final stage

‘’Thanks again for yours and David’s time/support. You run a noticeably better process than any other talent team/recruiter I’ve worked with which impacted the outcome here.’’ – VP of Sales