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On Monday, I had a meeting to be briefed on a new role, for a new client. It was a special meeting for me, because the incumbent hiring manager who was briefing me is someone who I have worked with at numerous points throughout my recruitment career in Supply Chain.

A career in recruitment can be measured in relationships. The idea that relationships aren’t with candidates or clients but are formed between people holds true.  Relationships are fluid and roles change. The candidate you placed into a Supply Chain Executive role has quickly risen to Supply Chain Manager and is now on the phone again, briefing you on three people he is recruiting to grow the team.  

In this most recent case, the incumbent manager is set to leave in a few months to take up his first ‘Head of Department’ role. It’s something I knew he had been destined for since our first conversation. Whilst I haven’t placed him into his newest role, he’s trusted me exclusively to source his replacement for a company he remains fiercely loyal to.  Back when we first started working together, it was our passion for the sector and for placing Supply Chain candidates that helped cement our relationship, but it was also the positive way we worked together that made it continue as he moved into different companies and roles.  

Within the Supply Chain and Procurement team at Vertical Advantage, we don’t benchmark ourselves against other recruiters, or seek to emulate their models. We don’t have ‘off the shelf’ recruitment packages. Instead, we treat each relationship as unique, with each recruitment project run as a bespoke search. In every case, we ask directly how we can best work for you.

The only universal quality inherent to all our client relationships is our own personal standards. We endeavour to provide an honest and transparent service, eliminating the opaque aspects of the recruitment process. 

Some of our customers lean on us more heavily for technical expertise on how to qualify Supply Chain and Procurement professionals, to ensure they recruit the best individual for the role. Other clients utilise our expertise for industry insight or our take on what’s happening in niche market spaces, all of which can assist them with their future recruitment planning.  For my current project, the interviews will be led by the company’s Sales Director, who by his own admission, is not qualified to quiz Supply Chain professionals on the finer details of their competencies. In order to add value, I will be providing full briefs and suggested questions, and making myself available to sit in on interviews as and when required. 

Priorities shift and change, and our client relationships naturally evolve over time. Often, Supply Chain and Procurement vacancies become available in very sudden circumstances, and we are put under pressure to perform at a moment’s notice. This requires us to maintain relationships that go beyond just taking job briefings.  We work hard to have strong relationships with our candidates, so if an urgent job brief comes up we’re able to work fast.  Our clients always appreciate our ability to turn things around quickly as well as providing strong people for them to consider.

In building lasting, meaningful relationships, we seek to add value in a way that is sympathetic to your needs and difficulties. A network is built when one relationship leads to another, then another, then another. 

That said, all relationships start from somewhere, so why not get in touch? 

Alex Allison, Principal Consultant, Supply Chain & Procurement


Alexander Allison

Principal Consultant - Supply Chain & Procurement - Interim

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